Our goal is to undertake all of our activities in a manner that minimizes impact as much as possible to the natural environment and the nearby communities. We work towards utilizing the best available science and technology and continually seek community input to ensure our methods meet, if not exceed, local and international standards. Our operations have responsive environmental management plans that ensure any impacts are remediated expeditiously throughout the project cycle.

BMSC developed the Bisha Mine in conformance with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards for Social and Environmental Sustainability and has adhered to these standards since Bisha's inception.  

Bisha's on-going environmental programs focus on the following areas:

Climate monitoring (temperature, precipitation, humidity, evaporation, wind, solar radiation, etc.)

Water resource management (conservation, water quality testing and ground water level monitoring)

Air quality management (site dust suppression and local air quality monitoring)

Noise monitoring and management (site and local community monitoring)

Waste management (monitoring amounts, recycling and disposal)

Cyanide management (cyanide destruction system and effluent level monitoring)

Lifecycle planning/ closure (planning and preparation ongoing)