We strive to provide a continuous positive difference to the communities where we operate by providing meaningful employment and training opportunities. We promote open dialogue from all stakeholders on improving our workplace processes. We do not tolerate any violations of human rights. This applies to everyone including employees, contractors, subcontractors or affiliates.

Training opportunities

BMSC integrates respect for human rights into its Code of Ethics, Workers Rights Policy, and its other operational policies and procedures. As of 2017, the National Confederation of Eritrean Workers and BMSC have come to an agreement on unionization of the workforce. Our approach to human rights is evolving and ongoing and we are committed to international and national principles and guidance as well as integrating the recommendations from the 2016 human rights impact assessment (see below) into our management and monitoring systems.

All of our recruitment confirms to the Human Resources and Employment Plan (the Plan) - BMSC has policies and procedures in place to protect against under-age workers at its operations and only employs persons that are 18 years of age and older. This complies with the national law in Eritrea and a formal identification card, which is a prerequisite to employment at the Bisha Mine, can only be granted once an Eritrean citizen reaches the age of 18. 

Local employees

Specific to the Bisha operation, the Plan also mandates that all personnel hired must demonstrate that they have been cleared from the Eritrean national service. Both our contractors and sub-contractors are currently in compliance with this formal process that is internally and externally audited. 

The security standard at Bisha’s operations is designed to assess risks and protect the Mine’s people and assets in a manner which minimizes conflict and respects the human rights of its stakeholders.  We ensure security is managed in a way that respects and protects human rights, avoids creating and or escalating conflict, and addresses security threats in as peaceful a way as possible.  Security services are provided by a local Eritrean contractor and 100% of its employees are required to receive regular training in security protocols and procedures, which includes aspects of human rights including harassment, discrimination, and cultural awareness. We have adopted the Voluntary Principles on Human Rights and Security and implemented numerous policies to ensure all employees, contractors and subcontractors are treated with dignity and respect at all times. In conjunction with the Human Rights Impact Assessment, BMSC has embarked on a program to ensure its security contractor and BMSC managers will be trained annually in the Voluntary Principles on Human Rights and Security.